Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Camry LE

rudiontheroad 1/17/12

I'm driving the new 2012 Camry LE.  Yes, I work for a car dealership, no I'm not a car salesman, I'm the marketing guy.  One of the perks of my job is I get to drive a lot of cars and I decided to write about them from my perspective.  My perspective is a guy who drives 600 miles a week, is getting older (late 40's), drives hard, drives fast and drives a lot, so here goes...

The Camry.  We have a long family history of Camry's. My parents each had one.  My brother inherited one and he called it "the magic carpet ride."  The 2012 is different, it's just a wonderful car. The Camry does everything well and nothing bad, I know..."when you try to please everybody..." line, but this is different.  In some ways it is like an Apple product, in that it works the way you think it should, it is very intuitive.  Controls are where you expect them, they work the way you expect them, so there are no surprises.  The center stack is as uncluttered and easy to use as any car I've ever driven. My wife's car has a zillion buttons in the center stack and it is overwhelming, the Camry does not.  Easy to find, easy to use, easy to drive.  Hmm, that might be it.  Easy to find, easy to use, easy to drive.  That really is the Camry. 

The four cylinder engine (no I don't have the specs, I'll try not to geek this up too much) runs smooth, I have no problem passing, it doesn't whine, and it gets great mileage.  I'm averaging high 20's (no I'm not keeping track, see geek comment above.) The car has a cloth interior that is really comfortable, even on cold mornings.  Visibility is great.  The controls on the steering wheel are large and easy to use.  It has great road manners, very competent on rough roads, a great daily ride.  So, what didn't I like?  Well, I like my tunes and I like my tunes loud and the Camry LE does not have a robust stereo, but I know that I'm the exception in the Camry crowd.  So, just like the rest of the car, it is competent and very easy to use,  just don't be expect someone to tell you to turn it down.  The Camry LE has everything you need like bluetooth for hands free cell use, power windows, power locks.  Would I buy one?  Yes I would because, as I said before, it's easy to use, easy to drive, and easy to find.  See you on the road.  Contact me at rudiontheroad@gmail.com 

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